WordPress 5.0.1 is out

General definitions:

  • Block – any element that you use to build your content.
  • TinyMCE editor – the “old” WordPress editor.
  • Settings toolbar – the sidebar where you can configure post/block details.
  • Block Navigation – a quick look at all the blocks in your post.
  • Visual Editor – the default WYSIWYG editor.
  • Code Editor – lets you work with HTML and block formatting.
  • Unified toolbar – attaches the formatting toolbar to the top of the editor.
  • Spotlight Mode – fades all blocks except the active block.

General Tips:

  • Insert blocks with the + icon
  • Each paragraph is a separate block
  • Quick change blocks with / to save time
  • Move blocks with drag-and-drop or arrows
  • Check for extra blocks from your plugins
  • Configure global options in Document sidebar
  • Configure individual blocks in Block sidebar
  • Drag image files into Gutenberg from your desktop
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts to save time
  • Click the Information icon to view word count
  • Gutenberg automatically saves your draft
  • Create reusable block templates to save time

Basic content blocks:

  • Paragraph – regular text
  • Image
  • Heading
  • Gallery
  • List
  • Quote
  • Audio
  • Cover image
  • File
  • Video
  • Button

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