Mac epiphany

Perhaps I should categorize this post under “Things that make you go hmmmm”.

My wife has always been a PC person. She is an Assistant Principal, and is close to a power user with Outlook, Internet Explorer, Excel, Word, all the usual suspects. She has always preferred the PC and has used my Macs with some reserve, as though I have given her a 5-speed to drive when she only knew an automatic. When I asked her how she liked OS X, she said it was “OK”.

Her rating of “OK” for the Mac remained for less than a year.

Yesterday, I walked into my office, and she was using my Mac instead of her Dell tower. I told her that I had some work to do, and to switch computers, and she surprised me with her answer. She told me that she needed my Mac and that she didn’t want to use the PC.

Hmmm.  I asked her why.

Her answer is as consistant as the tides, the rise and fall of the moon and sun.

“It is so SLOW that I hate using it”.

Her comment is a powerful one. It shows two constants. One is that PCs get slower over time with their Registry issues and malware. The other is the inverse. Macs are secure and are as fast at 5 years old as they were at one day old.

I remember learning a 5-speed took me a while; an automatic did not.  Perhaps she learned that the automatic is the Mac.

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