Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning is like an insurance policy. I’m in good health, nothing bad ever happens to me, if bad happens I will recover just as fast as everyone else.

Well, if you say that you fail to understand insurance. We all get sick sometime, our facility can catch on fire, a flood can prevent staff from entering the building, etc etc. but including a runaway virus.

And let me say, storing computer files off site is not disaster planning – it’s just a small piece of it.

Let’s say there is a disaster …  an explosion near our building, a hurricane, even the police roping off your area for a gun battle, whatever can and does occur.

Who do I call for instructions who is in another state or at least far away?

Who is in charge if the number 1 and 2 persons are unavailable?

What are my systems specifications for hardware and software and  how do I locate my backup files if I have to go 300 miles to a strange computer site.

How do I inform all active customers how to get in touch with us?
And so on. In fact where is a copy of the plan since that location too was hit.

So you need to perform a Risk Analysis, Develop a Plan, Assign Responsibilities, Establish Off-Site Relationships or Contracts and Test that plan often, updating as required.

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