iPhone sync error: “another sync client is already running”

We tried to sync and restore on iPhone 3G last night to no avail:

“Another sync client is already running”

The fix was a permission change to 777 on the “tmp” folder AND its contents.

The easiest way to access /tmp is to use the “Go To Folder” menu item in the Finder’s Go menu and type in /tmp in the dialog box.

Do a Get Info ( Command-I ) on the tmp folder, and change the permissions to read & write for everyone, AND most importantly (read: it won’t fix it without this step), choose “Apply to enclosed items”.

Fixed the iPhone sync issue immediately.

3 Comments on “iPhone sync error: “another sync client is already running””

  1. I don’t have the option “Sharing & Persmissions”. What gives? This folder is an Alias……?

  2. Do a Get Info on the tmp folder. You will see Sharing & Permissions at the bottom of the window (expand it by clicking the triangle next to it).

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