My email to Steve Jobs

OK, here we go. If I ever sent an email to Steve Jobs, and more importantly if he ever read it, I’d probably do the Mac Fanatic thing and praise the Mac hardware and OS X and go on and on about how much I love everything Mac. Mac Pros, iPods, MacBook Pros, etc. But I’m an I.T. guy who has to deal with the Windows and Unix World, so I’ve seen lots of hardware and software. And as they say, some things are better than others. Personal preferences aside, there are some issues with products coming out of Cupertino.

1. 1-button, non-scrolling mice. And don’t even mention Mighty Mouse. Come on. If you aren’t using a Microsoft 2-button, scrolling laser mouse you are working way too hard at navigation.

2. Speaking of navigation, the Apple trackpads lack the standard (& quick) 2-button functionality.

3. MacBook Pro sleep issues.  We’ve tried everything, and it’s pretty obvious that it remains a bug. It’s not impressive when the “I.T. guy” has to hard-boot when his laptop doesn’t wake up.

4. Prices. I like Apple, I want them to make money. But throw us a bone. The hardware can be expensive. If you ran a school and had to buy 50 computers, 100 computers…. well, you do the math. I see Dells in the schools now instead of Macs. Not good for Apple. Not good for the kids. Good for Dell, I guess.

5. Some Apple apps are just too simplistic.  Address Book. iCal. Mail.

6. Some apps are buggy: Time Machine. Spotlight. Bluetooth.

7. Your Apple Stores used to be a delight to visit. Now I have to wait in line with 50 iPod customers? You’ve got to be kidding me. No halo effect for me.

8. The iPhone keyboard. Enough said.

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