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Mac Defender malware

2. September 2016


If you see this browser redirect, do not panic. Quit your browser to make sure you don’t download the malware. Another reason to use the fastest, safest browser: Firefox. Also, don’t fall for it: these are criminals, so don’t call them or give them any info or any of your time. How to avoid: […]

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Portable Applications for your USB Stick

1. December 2008

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What is a portable program ? : A portable program is a piece of software that you can carry around with you on a portable device and use on any other computer. It can be your email program, your browser, system recovery tools or even an operating system. The coolest part about it is that […]

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How to password-protect your Mac

29. November 2008

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Here are a few ways to password-protect your Mac, and keep it safe from prying eyes. 1.  Open System Preferences: Accounts: Login options Change Automatic login to Disabled. This will require a correct login after starting up the machine. 2.  Open System Preferences: Security: General Check “Require password to wake this computer from sleep or […]

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