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Solution to MacBook Pro that won’t wake from sleep

1. March 2009


We have found so many forums with owners of MacBook Pros ( MBP ) suffering from the following issue: 1. The MacBook Pro goes to sleep either by closing the lid or just by virtue of time. 2. Upon trying to wake the MacBook Pro, you get a black screen with or without the spinning […]

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Solution: iTunes 8 error -3256

21. January 2009


We were getting this iTunes 8 error: An error occured while connecting to the remote speaker “XYZ”. An unknown error occured (-3256). We use a 3G iPhone running the app “Remote” to connect to iTunes and control the music. But we couldn’t connect to our Airport Express speakers over the wireless network. The solution? Open […]

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Mac epiphany

13. December 2008


Perhaps I should categorize this post under “Things that make you go hmmmm”. My wife has always been a PC person. She is an Assistant Principal, and is close to a power user with Outlook, Internet Explorer, Excel, Word, all the usual suspects. She has always preferred the PC and has used my Macs with […]

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Portable Applications for your USB Stick

1. December 2008

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What is a portable program ? : A portable program is a piece of software that you can carry around with you on a portable device and use on any other computer. It can be your email program, your browser, system recovery tools or even an operating system. The coolest part about it is that […]

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Tech Support …… Out of the Country

25. September 2008


Many tech support companies reside outside of the US. Some of the calls are answered by English-challenged personnel and in certain cases can lead to a great deal of frustration. Here are some suggestions to avoid ruining your day. 1. Make a so-called contemporaneous record of the call, which by the way is accepted in […]

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How to insert graphics into a Word document

20. September 2008


In order to place into Word a picture, a piece of clip art or an enlarged section of text, the steps to follow are: (1)    Place your cursor near where you “might” want the item to go. (2)    Go to the Word menu at the top of the screen and  open Insert and select Picture. […]

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How to Force Quit an Application

19. September 2008


If your Mac has an application that is frozen, or you have the dreaded spinning beach ball, you probably have an app that will not quit gracefully. Normally the protected memory feature of OS X allows an application to crash and you can keep working — no restart required. Hit the keystroke combination of Option-Apple-Esc […]

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